The law of cause and effect, and Equilibrium

The law of cause and effect, and Equilibrium

原文:因果与平衡 (《佛友》第 392 期 2021 年 3 月) 


Translation: Sik Zizhao, January 2023


Buddhism speaks a lot of cause and effect, and equilibrium. The chief purpose of this emphasis is primarily aimed to disclose the basic law and order of the universe. From the way Buddhism discloses the law of cause and effect, and the significance of equilibrium, Buddhism is not old, backward and unscientific as some people usually and mistakenly perceived. Buddhism is in fact the oldest and timeless science in the history of mankind.

Nothing in this world happens by chance. The arising or ceasing of every affliction we experience, for instance, does not leave the influence or action of causes and conditions. The same principle underlies the outbreak and development of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19). Rather the whole working change from one stage to another, or from one form to another until an inexhaustible interrelationship of everything develops. This is not only completely in accord with the doctrine of the conditionality of dependent origination and temporary nature of arising and ceasing in Buddhism but scientific finding in the law of conservation of energy.

Everything in this universe acquires its equilibrium through a natural law or system. This system itself is an equilibrium, a balance which can eventually be broken down if we continue to harm the global environment and deplete the natural resources necessarily. It is therefore crucial to stay away from the temptation of becoming rich or increasing the gap between the rich and poor unethically. They do not help sustain the law of nature either. Rather they further erode the equilibrium. There is no doubt that the nature is embodied with a dynamic ecological framework that allow it to achieve its equilibrium eventually. The mechanism will ultimately break down and fall apart when it can no longer cope owing to the excessive exploitation. Similarly for the sun, despite burning for over 4.5 billion years it can still provide us the warm and light because of the enough outward pressure that helps to balance out the gravitational pull. This balance will explode if we disregard the ecological framework of the nature altogether.

Likewise, the human body balances through the harmonious flow of yin and yang’s energies. As balance is restored so is health. Even exercises require coordination between inhaling and exhaling to better stimulate a transformation in the body and mind. This material world is a combination of both matter and spiritual energies. When there is a harmonized interaction of the two, there is stabilization and balance. But once the matter surpasses the spiritual energies, natural disasters hit us, as the cause and effect has become imbalanced. Life is not a bed of roses. Every generation has had its own unique challenges in this Sāha world. The place we are dwelling now is technically called ‘sāha’ in Buddhism

for the fact that life is full of challenges. Blissfully enough, however, nothing is beyond hope as long as we stay strong. Life is full of challenges when the cause-and-effect mechanism of phenomena becomes imbalance at times. There is never any escape from difficulties. They have to be faced and fought. Most importantly must feel it in our bodies, explore and then muster our inner resources to move forward, balancing our despair with joy. Only action can help regain our peace in mind.

Sometimes, what’s making life so tough. It can be you, and by you, we mean your way of perceiving things. Our miseries will not leave us unless we acknowledge and amend our mistakes. With everything that’s happening today with the pandemic and many miseries, people should seek more contemplative opportunities in their ‘own spaces,’ to address the problems morally. There are many reasons why life is hard but there are also many reasons to make it easier. It is entirely up to us to make it happen. If human beings insist on going on their own way, pay no heed two everything, consume excessively, brazen, and fearlessly reckless and ruthless, one day the circumstances factors will turn around and become the forerunner of the mind instead.

The world seems apparently unfair. In reality, the law of cause and effect, and the natural order are in operation of everything. As a worldly being like us, it is certainly difficult for us to see and fully comprehend such intricate working of all phenomena. According to the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha once teaches that we should live, giving our mind the right attention or orientations. And as we live in conformity to causal laws, we should also raise our intentions without abiding in anywhere and avoid getting to attached. When we get attached, the mind become affixed to it, having ourselves imprisoned under heavy locks and fetters in every notion of phenomena. Eventually, suffering follows us.

Only when the mind abides in non-abidance, can we live a deep and satisfying life as we understand how to live our life correctly— along with a right attitude, an opened heart, to let go and to accept life and everything that comes with it. The wisdom of such elevation of life is a lifelong learning, acquires through improving on our spiritual development and an understanding of the balance between gain and loss. Pure in mind we live and free from all flattery and deceit.

In these turbulent times marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, we truly hope that more people would more support in the work of charitable giving and sharing, learn to cultivate the good, practice good morality, seek no happiness in the beauty of external objects and devasted not in personal failures. Keep your mind calm, look ahead, broaden your perspective, and embrace the change instead. Only then you can live a beautiful life, full of limitless possibilities. Stay committed to your work and obligations, working towards a better tomorrow together with mindfulness. Although all phenomena are empty, when the time comes everything will be back to normal. 

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